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Hug Trees (Tom Freund and Friends) -- Roots rocker Tom Freund channels his inner soul child into kids’ music that celebrates and promotes a happy, healthy home and planet. Tom’s long, acclaimed  career as a rock singer-songwriter (think Tom Petty meets Tom Waits) afforded him the opportunity to bring a stellar cast of musicians into the studio to make Hug Trees. Tom says that his young daughter Delilah, with whom he created the songs, is his co-producer and muse. It’s an album overflowing with warmth and talent with a funky soul and strong ecological message.

Randy Kaplan -- a singer-songwriter with seven solo albums, Randy has turned his prodigious talents to children’s music with resounding success. His 2nd album, Loquat Rooftop has been named to numerous top ten of 2008 lists, notably, NPR’s. With his storyteller’s flair, his accomplished folk guitar, and his light-hearted tone, Randy Kaplan’s three charming albums for children overflow with charm, musicality, and kid appeal. Like a slightly quirky pairing of Dan Zanes and Arlo Guthrie, Randy Kaplan’s music has won over critics and kids alike with it’s presentation of a broad range of authentic folk stylings, shaggy dog stories, and smart original tunes, all delivered with a wink and a smile.

Very Helpful Songs (David Tobocman) -- A veteran of the music industry as a songwriter, film composer, and record producer, David is a musical dad with a large collection of fun, memorable songs that are written to help kids learn, grow, adapt, and feel safe in a big world. Spanning styles from swing to rock to bluegrass to hiphop, David’s catchy, melodic songs emphasize musical diversity and are crackling with clever positivity, strong musical hooks, and infectious rhythms. As David says, it’s kids’ music that won’t drive parents “Barney.” 

Renee & Jeremy -- Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback, both reknowned singer-songwriters have joined forces to bring children a miraculously engaging lullaby album that is centered on messages of self-worth and indelible, simple melodies. Each parents, Renee and Jeremy have hit upon a mode of pure expression that appeals immediately to little ones and whose gentle, positive approach is uplifting and life affirming for parents as well. A critical success, “It’s a Big World” now is joined by a follow-up album, the upbeat “C’mon” which is equally winning, melodic and brimming with optimism.

Heidi Swedberg and the Suki Jump Band -- You will remember Heidi Swedberg as Susan, George Castanza’s fiance from the Seinfeld series, but as soon as you hear her sing and play her ukulele in front of the Suki Jump Band, you will forget everything outside of the world these musicians and this unique singer create. This is the sound of folk music bounced back from outer space -- familiar and authentically beautiful, but other worldly and truly captivating. A must hear, Heidi and her band have made a very special acoustic album for the whole family.

Mike Schimd -- A long-time touring keyboardist with Miley Cyrus, Mike Schmid makes tuneful, message-driven music for kids that sparkles with the thrill of invention and expression. Having already released a few grown-up albums, Mike’s first collection for children, Let It Out is a call to kids to be yourself in all situations and an invitation to be creative, original and authentic.